No More Meds
No More Meds
Don't Waste Another Breath...
Wondering why your child's body and brain is not working right.
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  •  Learn why your child has a weak immune system
  •  Learn why they are so sensitive to their surroundings
  •  Learn why your child thinks that way
  •  Discover what to feed your child daily to build up their immune system and calm their nerves
  •  Understand what diagnostic tests to do and why
  •  Learn what therapies work to impact your child’s quality of life
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"True Gift!" - Olivia Newton - John

"I want to encourage everyone to read this inspiring book, for I believe it can help you throughout your life's journey.  Thank you Dr Weaver for sharing your healing stories and being a true gift to healthcare."

A wealth of information! Every family needs this book!- Kent

Brilliantly full of knowledge and wisdom written in a way everyone can understand and implement in their life and home.. Thank you, Dr. Weaver, for such an amazing and much needed resource!
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  •  Is your child unable to speak or make eye contact?
  •  Are you stressed out because your child keeps getting sick and you don’t know what steps to take?
  • Are you sick of not getting answers from your doctor and always needing to drug your child? 
  • Are they having trouble learning and concentrating? 
  • Are they emotional unstable and in pain? 
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with daily responsibility to take care of your sick child?  
  • How would your life be different if your kid was healthy?
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